Intro to Creative Writing in Berkeley @ Writing Salon

Intro to Creative Writing in Berkeley Class Description

"Everyone has a story, and every story is made up of other stories that can be told. So how will you tell your story? And to whom?" asks instructor Kevin Dublin of the Berkeley creative writing class at the Writing Salon.

This is a (5) week workshop that covers fiction, poetry, personal essay, and screenwriting. We will generate ideas and writing through a series of fun exercises. In class, we will build memorable scenes, create vivid images, hook with narration, craft characters, and develop engaging dialogue. A range of creative work from masters will guide us. Therefore, the work of Lydia Davis, Julio Cortazar, Morgan Parker, Matsuo Bashō, and Franz Kafka will make appearances.

Kevin says, "One key component of writing is finding people to talk with about writing who are as passionate as you are or would like to be. We'll provide a space for that."

Though always optional,  there will be take-home exercises and opportunities to share your work with one another during class. By the end of five weeks, you’ll have the tools and confidence to write that poem, essay or story that’s all your own.

Learn more about the Writing Salon here.