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Write everlasting poetry outside of the bounds of time. In each 2 hour workshop, we'll explore a different avenue for writing a poem that is timeless using the Living Room Writing Workshop method based in lateral drafting and lateral revision. In every workshop, expect to:

  • Explore an approach to making a poem timeless
  • Read model poems
  • Identify a question you want to explore
  • Draft at least (2) new poems with a 6 minute drip exercise
  • Examine a takeaway exercise designed to help you create your own forms for new work


  • July 14 @ 11am = "Write Time into a Capsule"
  • July 21 @ 11am = "Write Across Time"
  • July 28 @ 11am = "Write into the Core of Human Experience"


Each workshop is $50 or $120 for all three weeks. Please email me if the cost is a barrier, and we'll see if we can work something out. I'm charging because I do believe that artists & teachers (within the bounds of capitalism) should get paid for their time and work (& to help pay their daughter's tuition, ha!), but I also believe in equal access to art and art instruction. Please pass this page along to friends & family. Access details will be emailed after purchase. The workshop will be online via Jitsi Meet (think Zoom, but free & you don't have to install anything, just click a link or call).

What Former Workshop Participants Say

“I loved everything about the class and so grateful for the experience. It’s been profound for me and a new beginning.”

-Beginning Poetry Student

“My poetry was fundamentally shaped by the ethos of your rhythm-based class, but I think I was unable to fully appreciate the breadth of what you taught until very recently.”

-Poetry for Page and Stage Student

“[The workshop] got me writing, was fun, sometimes difficult, a bit challenging. I had never written poetry before.”

-Writing Poetry Student

“Last year we had Kevin Dublin do a special event for National Poetry Day at my place of work. That experience has stuck with me, in the best of ways! It was a completely new experience and opportunity for creative expression. Kevin also set a tone of comfort and nurtured a safe place for us to share what he had led us to create.”

-Atlassian Team Member

“It was such an inspiring experience for me and really opened my eyes to hip-hop’s poetic elements.”

-Hip-Hop Poetry Student

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