My name is Kevin Dublin. I’m a writer, part-time publisher, instructor, and screenwriter/filmmaker. I currently live in San Francisco, CA. I’m from North Carolina. I’m very interested in modern and contemporary poetry & poetics, hip-hop, film, service-learning, working with young artists, and all combinations of the aforementioned.

I spend most of my time reading, watching interesting narratives, and writing. I really enjoy people, especially those interested in writing or board games, and I would love to hear from you. Feel free to contact me!

e-mail: kevin [at]

Press-ready bio:

kevin dublin

Kevin Dublin (MFA, MA) is editor of Etched Press and a writing consultant. He enjoys filming video adaptations of poetry and working with youth in the community. His words have most recently appeared in Rogue JournalMenacing Hedge, SOFTBLOW, Glint Literary Journal, Gendered & Written: Forum on Poetics, The Rumpus, and Tell Us a Story among others. He reads and writes in San Francisco, but returns to North Carolina each summer to teach at Duke Young Writers’ Camp.


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