Some publications. Check the CV for a complete list.


"Origin," "The Colours of Her New Life" in Black Rootedness: 54 Poets from Africa to America

"Politics" in The San Franciscan. Issue 5.

"While Black in America," "Ghost Story," "Each Evening" in Syzygy, Vol 1. Spring 2021.

“Be Smooth” in Cincinnati Review. Spring 2020.

“Argument” (Pushcart Prize nominated) and four other poems at Quiet Lightning (Poetry in the Park V). 2019.

“Divorce” in North Carolina Literary Review (28). 2019.

How to Fall in Love in San Diego at Finishing Line Press. 2017.

"His Kind" in Rogue Agent Literary Journal. March 2016.

“How to Fall in Love in San Diego (One)” in Sunshine/Noir II (San Diego City Works Press, 2015)

"Not Kissing You" and "Saturday Morning with the Cuzzo" in Glint Literary Journal or listen here. 2015.

Four Micro Poems: "Black Masculinity," "Pacific Beach," "Last Night You Said You'd Leave" and "After a Month Apart" in Quatrain.Fish. 2015.

Five Poems from "Courting Sylvia Plath" in Menacing Hedge or listen here. 2015.

Five poems from How to Fall in Love in San Diego in Leipzig Glocal. 2015.

"How to Fall in Love in SD (Three)," "Find the Source," "Four Letters Dependent on Circumstance & Time," & "Find Someone who Needs Saving" in SOFTBLOW. 2015.

“Across the River Line” & “Find a Father Figure” in Connotations Press: An Online Artifact. July 2012.

Video Poetry

Not Kissing You at Moving Poems. March 2017.

How Can You Remain in Love in San Diego at Poetry Film Live. March 2018.


“On Gender and Poetics” in Gendered & Written: Forums on Poetics. 2014.

Creative Non-Fiction

“A Twenty-Six-Year-Old Thinking About a Sixteen-Year-Old Kind of Love Story” in Tell Us a Story. July 2013.


“Tending the Domestic Garden by John Hoppenthaler” in Poetry International. 2015.

“Reading The Poem She Didn’t Write and Other Poems by Olena Kalytiak Davis in Poetry International. 2015.

“Swedish Made English in The Star by My Head” in Poetry International. 2015.

“From a Distant Land, a Poet who Knows We Exist: Agnieszka Kuciak” in The Rumpus. November 2013.