Monthly Writing Meetup in San Francisco @ Writing Salon

"To become a better writer, nothing takes the place of reading, fellowship, and writing," says meetup leader Kevin Dublin. "Just like physical training, increasing our writing strength requires practice. Often, the more words put to page, the easier it becomes to put more there."

The Writing Salon Monthly Meetup is designed to provide an intentional and facilitated space to help you keep a finger on your own creative pulse. At the same time, we provide the opportunity to engage with a community of other like-minded writers, including your own friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family members. Bringing a guest is encouraged.

Silence your phone, leave your distractions at the door, and spend an hour and a half of your Sunday with The Writing Salon. Kevin will provide optional writing prompts and exercises, pre-writing activities, and more! Expect a fun and stress-free environment to play on the page and to mingle with other writers. The event is free, but donations are greatly appreciated.