SDSU MFA Hookah Lounge Reading

Let us usher summer in in style, people!

We Aztecs are having our first-ever hookah lounge reading covering poetry, fiction and whathaveyou's, at Prince Hookah on Park & El Cajon Blvd. Happy Hour is from 3-6 and each hookah goes for \$7.99 a pop, as opposed to being at least \$15 at regular hours or at other joints.

Please come partake in some good dope. So far, we have these peeps on the bill: Hari Alluri; Janel Spencer; Simeó Bön Jeppsé; Gabe Rubi; Carlos Kelly; Garrett Bryant; Breeann Kirby; Bonnie Opliger; Theodore Niekras; KM Seehaus; Nathan Hillstrom & yours truly. More readers will be added to the roster.

If you do not wish to smoke, Prince also offers a variety of soft drinks and tea. Please consider attending what is promised to be an splendid summer '15 event!

Binh Huy Nguyen

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