Unsolicited Review - Project Almanac

I now have Movie Pass (a card that allows you to see unlimited movies for \$30/month - http://movi.ps/referral). I love it. I've seen loads of movies in the last month. Project Almanac is the most recent. These micro reviews of the films' storytelling are a way to catalog what I've seen and think about story. I dash them off. If you want to talk about the film, feel free to comment.

Project Almanac Review

Aside from a rocky beginning with a ridiculously long first act, Project Almanac was successful. More laughs in the beginning of the 2nd act would’ve made the fun and games more exciting. There was also barely any conflict for the majority of the movie. I would’ve liked to see more shaved from the first act and more time spent in Project Almanac’s rich area of potential conflict. The third act was rushed and barely existed. The ending was well done, though. Project Almanac will inevitably draw comparisons to earlier MTV Films teen sci-fi film Chronicle. But Chronicle gave its actors a stronger script that focused on conflict, so the drama was more compelling. Project Almanac could’ve easily had that drama, but it might’ve pandered too much to its teenage crowd. Oh, and that Microsoft product placement. I assume we will see more of that in the future. Overall, I’d recommend the film as a teen sci-fi popcorn flick for those who just want to have fun. There is a particularly touching scene in the third act.

Why did they...

  • Choose found footage as the way to tell this story? It might've worked better and avoided some of the comparisons without that choice.
  • Not use the father/son element as a way to drive the protagonist's goal?
  • Not explore the title "Project Almanac" more in the film? It's the title of the project, but "second chances" wasn't enough to make sense.
  • Avoid ALL conflict for the first two-thirds of the film? Would've been stronger if "the rule" was broken earlier with smaller consequences building.

Project Almanac Rating: 6 out of 10

1-3: Horrible. I regret subjecting myself to this

4-5: Just below average, but not a complete waste of time

6: I didn't waste my time, but I wouldn't go out of my way to watch it again

7-8: Accomplished what it set out to do and I'd watch it again

9-10: Nearly perfect. Highly recommend it as art

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