Red Poets Society Poetry/Prose Open Mic

RPS is a wkly poetry/prose open mic @ Kafe Sobaka. Hosts: Tazha Williams & David Proulx. 7-10 pm, sign up 6:30. No cover. 1 drink or 1 food item minimum.


In the name of poetic freedom, the Red Poets Society has been formed. Together we shall join weekly in the belly of Kafé Sobaka to celebrate all that is verse. Come all lyricists and crafters of the spoken word. Sally forth with your inklings and rhyme; share with your comrades the joy that is poetic expression.

The Rules: there are no rules but that which you pin upon your work, but seriously: each reader gets 5 uninterrupted (save for angry crowds) minutes to read their work; no music is allowed save as accompaniment to the reading; boring long winded pieces will be shunned appropriately; and stand-up comedy will not be tolerated.

We also ask that you purchase either one drink or one food item in order to help maintain the sacred space. (See below.)

Realize that our intention is a collaboration of poets and critics and that verbal sass can and will be the only response to lyrical laziness and foolish ramblings. We want for your best and those striving to create difference and beauty with their work. We seek to offer a space in which to be both avant-garde and accepted, but also to be critiqued and honed into a better writer.

In addition, each month as a special feature to the open mic session, a committee-elected featured performer shall woo the masses with their epic verse.

Open mic sign up starts at 6:30 p.m., the first performer speaks at 7 p.m. Eat, drink, be merry, verbalize! Skoal!

Co-hosts: Tazha Williams & David Proulx

Starts at 7pm, sign up is at 6:30.

No cover but there is a one drink or one food item minimum, which is facilitated with a \$5 RED TICKET:
In order to simplify the chaos a bit, we will "sell" you a \$5 ticket at entry, which can be used for any drink (shot of vodka, beer, wine, Turkish coffee*, etc.) or as a \$5 credit for food. So plan to bring a few bucks for this purpose. Everything can be ordered at the counter and a number will be issued for delivery to your table (no wait service during the event).