Pirate Santa: Rum & Plunder

the game is simple. white elephant. naughty christmas. santa's nickerbottoms. whatever you want to call it.

basically, come with a wrapped gift in the \$5-10 range in worth (it could be homemade). at some point in the night we will declare white elephant time and the game will commence.

optional: bring an ornament to hang on our tree. we have none... :(

attire: cocktail (i.e. sweaters, ugly christmas sweaters, dresses, ties, no ties, naked etc.)

food: we will have some snacks/appetizers, but it would be awesome if you all brought stuff to share too.

drinks: we will have some stuff, but, again, byob if you're a picky freak. in other words, bring something to share, or you will be scoffed at.

after naughty santa, we will probably continue to consume beverages. it has been a loooooong semester for many of us. then, we will most likely head to the nearest adult watering hole to keep our throats slick with social lubrication.


ari and garrett