Not Kissing You - Video Poem

"Not Kissing You" is a poem from How to Fall in Love in San Diego which debuts May 5, 2017. It is a short poem. It teeters on the edge of love and anti-love: love lived through which never happened. The video contains music by The SVRGN.

You can pre-order a copy of the chapbook in which "Not Kissing You" appears at the Finishing Line Press online storefront and ready the full text of the poem below:

Not Kissing You

As inconvenient as being

the mother of breeze—

How she must name

each breeze and remember it.

Which one stirs empty chip wrapper

saddling the curb near your sandal?

I rub my cheek to be less conscious of air

untidying the hair on my forearms.

But the slight stutter of your smile—

Glow of November dusk across brow

while trolley brakes against rails in the distance.

Your lips: a strawberry perfectly split open.

"Not Kissing You" first appeared in Glint Literary Journal.

Not Kissing You