Marvel versus DC Game

Marvel versus DC Game


Marvel versus DC is an unlicensed 2 - 4 player game that I created with my son, Darien Dublin, in the summer of 2014.  One of my favorite board games is Star Wars: Epic Duels. He really wanted to play with me, but he was six years old. Each character has a deck of 40 cards in that game. He could read, but it was a little to advanced for him. My goal was to make a game with him that he could play an utilized one of our favorite shared interests: superheroes. Who doesn't want to see those heroes battle?


I took the base mechanics of Star Wars: Epic Duels as inspiration and simplified the mechanics for the Marvel versus DC game. We had six 2.5 inch DC  PVC figures from Dollar Tree that we had been playing with. We had my childhood Marvel die-cast collection from the "Steel Mutants" and "Heavy Metal Heroes" series of the 90's. The only other things we had were our imaginations.

star-wars-epic-duelsOver the course of the weekend, I wrote a series of rules. He picked who the first ten characters would be, and we discussed which powers should be showcased in their cards. We also watched old episodes of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes on Netflix. After some math that I no longer remember, I came up with the size of the board, drew a set of squares for a map in Photoshop, and we had our first game board after a lot of printing & cutting & taping.


We don't own these characters, nor the art used for the cards, but we worked really hard on the mechanics. My dream is to use the mechanics along with a set of original characters that we create and develop our own Heroes versus Villains universe in a game. Until then, we thought you might enjoy downloading and playing along.

Our Marvel versus DC game has grown a lot. We have balanced and re-balanced it. It has brought a lot of joy. We've shared it with family, friends, and strangers at game shops / comic-cons. In other words, give it a shot.

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Download Marvel Versus DC Game Bundle

This zip file will contain everything digital that you will need: Character cards, gameplay rules, bonus cards, a PDF of the first two maps that you can print at a print shop, and PDFs of board sectors if you want to print a board the first way we did our prototype.

Download Zip Bundle of Marvel Versus DC Game

Download Marvel Versus DC Game Separates

Where to Buy Figures

We have (50) characters now. We teckevinally have more figures, but I decided to stop there because that already seemed like too many. Start low, with 6 - 10 characters and build from there. We use figures that are between 2.5 inches to 3 inches. You can probably go to Dollar Tree and buy the Justice League figures there: Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, and Superman along with the Joker. You can find others on Amazon, eBay, comic book stores and booths at conventions. If you don't mind the size, you can also buy Nano MetalFigs at your local Wal-Mart. They are about 1.5 inches and the game wasn't made with those in mind. Monogram International produced a lot of the 2.75 inch DC figures. Tips: search with the keywords "cake topper," "pvc 2.75," and "die cast 90s Marvel."