Joy of Being a Poet Reading @ Mindful Art Gallery in Berkeley

::: {.g-group .l-lg-mar-bot-6 .l-md-mar-bot-4} ::: {.g-cell .g-cell-10-12 .g-cell-md-1-1} ::: {.has-user-generated-content .js-d-read-more .read-more .js-read-more .read-more--medium-down .read-more--expanded data-xd-wired="read-more"} ::: {.js-xd-read-more-toggle-view .read-more__toggle-view} ::: {.js-xd-read-more-contents .text-body-medium style="text-align: left;" data-automation="listing-event-description"} Mindful expression through poetry. An evening of poetry readings in the gallery space ::: ::: ::: ::: :::

::: {.g-group .l-mar-bot-6 .l-sm-mar-bot-4} ::: {.structured-content .g-cell .g-cell-10-12 .g-cell-md-1-1} ::: {.has-user-generated-content data-automation="about-this-event-sc"} ::: {.structured-content-rich-text .structured-content__module .l-align-left .l-mar-vert-6 .l-sm-mar-vert-4 .text-body-medium} Mangalam Center’s Mindful Art Gallery presents:

The Joy of Being a Poet – Mindful Expression Through Poetry

Come out and enjoy a relaxing evening of Poetry readings held in the gallery space.

Friday, October 25th, 6:30pm-8:30pm

The event will feature 15 selected poets reading their work chosen by a mindful panel. Throughout the evening we invite you to open your senses with mindful music and sounds that string together the words of our poets in a joyful and intentional way. ::: ::: ::: :::