I'm an eBook Convert

As a Kindle Fire owner and as someone who just left the vast majority of his books on the other side of the country, I’ve realized the truth. Printed books are a luxury. The rich (or moderately well-off) can have their books shipped or placed in storage; the old do not move their books; the young do not buy books, but they borrow.

With quality eBooks, I get the content I enjoy, and it’s cheaper, accessible faster, and all in one place. It’s not even just books. I send articles to my Kindle as documents via the web add-on, Readibility. It’s wonderful. As someone who doesn’t have a lot of money and who plans to move around a lot for (at least) the next five to seven years, eBooks just make sense. Amazon, your fully-integrated content system has done it. I’m a convert. Heck, I’m even going to start publishing chapbooks and books as eBooks via my micro press. Now, if only I could solve two problems:

  1. How can I force publishers to embrace publishing more poetry as eBooks?
  2. How can I get authors to sign my Kindle?