2018 and Beyond

Going into 2018 and beyond, I feel full of passionate intensity. Surely some revelation is at hand.  The previous year, was full of shifts and  a leaning further into the Spiritus Mundi. The concepts for my next few creative endeavors started to develop. Several previous creative projects came into the world. I thought the end of the first month of the new year would be a good time to reflect and look forward.

How Can You Remain

The largest creative culmination of 2017 for me was the publication of my first chapbook, How to Fall in Love in San Diego. I'm so grateful for the to see that selection of poems under the eyes of readers. Working with the editors was a wonderful experience. I got to collaborate on its production and design the cover.They also let me put out the ebook version myself.

How to Fall led me to creating video poems for several of the poems in the chapbook. I was lucky enough to have one of them featured in Moving Poems Magazine. Another was featured at Poetry Film LiveTwo of my favorite places to watch poetry films. I highly recommend added both to your feed. Dave Bonta at Moving Poems and Chaucer Cameron & Helen Dewbery at Poetry Film have such amazing selections.


I was also interviewed by William Woolfitt at Speaking of MarvelsA website I've followed for the last several years. It was surreal to see my photo and my words on a feed that I frequently visit.

What might've been the coolest is actually being featured on It's Lit with PhDJ hosted by the gracious Anjoli Roy in Honolulu on KTUH 90.1 FM. Getting to read my poems in the context of some of my favorite relevant music brought my childhood dreams of being a radio DJ briefly into fruition. You can listen to just the mixdown here or the whole radio show below.

I was also able to read poems from my chapbook as part of the [Tenderlovin’ in the Tenderloin Reading Series](https://www.tenderlovin.org/) & Medium-Sized Living Room Concert in San Francisco as well as joining a few dates on the west coast tour of [The Poetry Brothel](http://www.thepoetrybrothel.com/events.html) as Mercury Hughes.

In 2018

It's true that 2018 and beyond is looking great as well. I'll also be joining the brothel this spring, so join me in San Diego, San Francisco, or Oakland. I'm helping teach poetry classes as part of The Litquake Elder Project. We're teaching at the San Francisco Jewish Home at the moment. It's super rewarding. I start to forget it's one of my favorite things when I go too long without teaching.

I'm working on a few more film poems right now. A talk featuring the above mentioned poetry filmmakers on film poetry inspired me to shoot a few as the beginning of the writer process. I've included it below.  I'm writing another draft of Termination Inc. as a one hour drama spec. The outline for an immersive theater experience that centers on empathy is on the way. I'm planning to teach an online class this year as well. I want to make it a way to teach more regularly in 2018 and beyond. Etched Press is also poised for a return. I've accepted several really great manuscripts. Keep an eye out in the next month for more information!