VAMP: Fanboy Syndrome

Deadline for submissions: Sunday, July 5

If it’s July and it’s San Diego, they’re here. Fanboys and fangirls everywhere. And we know, deep down inside, that everyone has a fandom in them somewhere. Maybe it was a comic book when you were 8. Maybe it’s Buffy. Maybe it’s something we’d never dream of googling. Come join us for stories of superheroes, of ‘shipping, and maybe a little making out in the line for Hall H.

VAMP Showcase: “Wedding Season”
Thursday, July 30th
8:30pm – 10:00pm
Whistle Stop Bar
2236 Fern St, San Diego, CA 92104
(619) 284-6784
\$5 suggested donation

VAMP (Video, Art, Music, Performance) is a highly produced multimedia variety showcase, presenting artists and their workshopped material in a polished monthly show. All participants are chosen by blind online submission, all pieces are given a free workshop to further improve the material, and then the final product is curated in a featured capacity.