Critique Services

I work at StoryCrafters, Ink. We’re a group of writers striving to help storytellers achieve their dreams. Whether you write short stories, poetry, screenplays (or stageplays), non-fiction, or any non-traditional narrative format, we can help you finish and refine your work. Request me if you specifically want to work with me. Click here for more information.


Poetry on Demand Booth

One poem in 3 minutes based on one word that you give. I’ve been a part of several Poetry on Demand booths and had fun doing it every time. If you’d like a booth at your event, e-mail me at and we can discuss details.


Public Reading Events (PRE) Press

Have you ever been at a reading showcasing new material and a person asks where they can buy the material they just heard? I have the solution. Have your work to sell before it’s published and still publish it later with PRE Press. I will produce chapbook-sized booklets for you up to 32 pages that you can take with you to conferences, workshops, and public reading events of course (open mics included). The best part about this service is that it’s not like a vanity press where your material is considered published. Once you run out of copies, it’s gone and you can still seek publication. I provide design, layout, and printing to help authors promote their work. Click here for more information.


Workshop Leader

I really enjoy working with young writers (elementary students to undergrads). I’ve taught at writing camps, been a guest speaker in classrooms, and led local workshops. CV is available by request. E-mail me at


Writing Consultation

I offer one-on-one writing consultation and online last minute writing aid to college English and Composition students. I also offer private tutoring to English students from middle school to graduate school. E-mail for more information.



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